Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Welcome to the beginning of something I hope I can keep up with. I am relatively new to Mac development using Objective-C with the Cocoa framework and have decided that maintaining a bit of a public record of my growth will help accomplish two major goals.

First, for anyone who is traveling down a similar road will be able to learn from mistakes that I have made and possibly spend less time overcoming the same difficulties I have.

Second, for myself to learn faster and sharpen my skills as more experienced mac developers see my postings and provide criticism of anything I post. Believe me, I have a thick hide and will take anyone's input into account. So, if you feel the least bit compelled to spout off at me about anything I write, feel free to spout away. The only request I have is that if you tell me things like "Your code sucks", please do me the honor of telling me how it can be improved to suck less.

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