FreeMacWare used for development

Tuesday, March 21, 2006 contains reviews of applications that many a mac user could find useful. For me, the most useful are the ones surrounding software development.

This software allows me to just drag a folder, or a release version of the tool/application I just compiled and provide it as a disk image. Extremely useful!

A easy to run wiki for developers to share information.

Allows you to take an iphoto album and quickly generate a small website to display all the photos. Very useful for UI prototype screens. I've also used it to display pictures of white boards with design drawings.

Open Terminal Here
Because sometimes you just can't live without a command-line. This opens a terminal window from a folder location in the finder.

Chicken of the VNC
I use a 15" powerbook for all my demonstrations to the powers that be. I use Chicken of the VNC allows me to show other machines (Windows/Mac/Linux) on my powerbook without needing to have multitude of machines in the room.

Of course I also have the FreeMacWare widget in my dashboard and I often find myself looking forward to each new entry!

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